Swaraj 735 XT tractor price in India with mileage specification features applications full overview. Swaraj 735 XT Track Tractor Price list India, hp detail specifications The Swaraj 735 XT is 40 horsepower tractor that gives extra power, extra control …

Swaraj 735 XT track tractor Price list in India

The price of Swaraj 735 XT track tractor in India is approx Rs. 5,57,318/- (Indian Rupees, Ex Show room Price). The price of this tractor is almost same in all states of India.

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  • Price of Swaraj 735 XT in Gujarat: Rs. 5,57,318 Ex-Showroom.
  • Price of Swaraj 735 XT tractor in Rajasthan: Rs. 5,57,318  Ex-Showroom.
  • Price of Swaraj 735 XT tractor in Punjab: Rs. 5,57,318  Ex-Showroom.
  • Price of Swaraj 735 XT in Madhya Pradesh: Rs. 5,57,318  Ex-Showroom.
  • Price of Swaraj 735 XT in Maharashtra: Rs. 5,57,318  Ex-Showroom.

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The Swaraj 735 XT Track Tractor is 40 horsepower tractor that gives extra power, extra control and extra performance during operation and farming.

A tractor fitted with a high rated torque engine that results in extra pulling power. The engine has 2734 cc with three cylinders and generating power of 1800 RPM, so transmission system is very smooth.

Features included with Swaraj 735 XT is easy to side gear, dual clutch, oil immersed brakes which provide better braking efficiency, Taper front Axle etc.

Side gear gives comfortable and less fatigue to the operator while operation and farming. Tractor has 8 forward and 2 reverse speed gearbox and 12v 88Ah battery. It can lift up to 1200 Kgs.

Applications which can easily operate with Swaraj 735 XT are Cultivation, Rotavation, Harvesting, and Haulage etc. Features of Swaraj 735 XT making this tractor very effective. Bigger tyre provides better grip and less slipping during operation work and also on slopes.

Features offered by Swaraj 735 XT Tractor

    1. Engine: Tractor is fitted with three cylinder fuel efficient water cooled engine.
    2. Side Gear: Swaraj introducing first-time side gear in 40 Horsepower category. It is very reliable for the operator while driving at high speed.
    3. Sensi Lift Hydraulics: Lifting capacity of it is 1200 Kgs. It is very helpful for Seed drill and Potato planter application.
    4. Dual Clutch: It gives more output.
    5. OIB: With OIB tractor has better braking efficiency, less maintenance and longer life.
    6. Diaphragm Type Single Clutch: 280mm and 305 mm clutch has more contact area and a better life.
    7. Low force Hydraulic Levers: with this feature it has less fatigue.
    8. Isolator Valve: It is very useful for external applications without operating lower links.
    9. Taper front Axle: It has less turning radius so it is highly suitable for small fields.

Usable Applications with Swaraj 735 XT track tractor


This tractor can lift 1200 Kgs. So it is very helpful for haulage.


With Rotavator 735 XT is generating more power so farmers can easily rotavate in farms.

price of Swaraj 735 XT tractor


With cultivator, this tractor is performing great in farms.

Specification of Swaraj 735 XT Tractor


ModelRV-3 XM+ 3A
HP40 hp Category
Type4 Stroke, Direct injection, Diesel engine.
No. Of Cylinders3
Bore & Stroke100 X 116 mm
Displacement2734 cc
Rated Engine Speed1800 Rev/min.
Air Cleaner3- Stage Oil Bath Type
Cooling SystemWater Cooled with No loss tank.
Clutch (Standard)Single dry disc friction plate – 280 mm die. (11”)

Single dry disc friction plate – 305mm die (12”)*

Clutch OptionalDual clutch
No. of Gears8 Forward, 2 Reverse speeds, Side shift levers*
Forward2.20 to 28.50
Reverse2.70 & 10.50
PTO Speed: Standard540 rpm
PTO Speed: OptionalNA
Brake Type StandardOil Immersed Brakes
Brake Type OptionalNA
StandardMechanical Steering with Heavy Duty single drop arm for better manoeuvrability & comfort to the operator.
OptionalPower steering
Live HydraulicsA) Position control: To hold lower links at any desired height. B) Automatic draft control: To maintain uniform depth c) Mix Control: For optimum field output
Lifting Capacity1200 Kgf at lower link ends.
Linkage3 point linkage suitable for Category-I&II type implement pins.
Front Tyre Standard6.00 x 16
Rear Tyre Standard13.6 x28
Electricals12 Volt, 88 Ah. Battery Starter motor & Alternator
InstrumentsEngine rpm cum hour meter with direction indicators, Fuel Gauge, Ammeter, and Water Temp. Gauge & Oil Pressure Indicator.
O.A. Length3385 mm
O.A. Width1730 mm
O.A. Height2285 mm
Wheel Base1925 mm
Min. Ground Clearance385 mm
Weight of Tractor1930 kg
Wheel TrackFront 1320 mm
Wheel TrackRear 1350 mm (with 13.6*28 tyre type)

Overview of Swaraj Tractor

In 1970, the Government of Punjab acquires design of Swaraj Tractors and established Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL) Company. Still, PTL is selling tractors in the name of Swaraj Tractors instead of Punjab Tractors. After 37 years of Punjab Tractors Limited, in 2007 Mahindra and Mahindra acquired majority stakes of PTL. After that, in February 2009 it was merged into M&M as the Swaraj Division of Mahindra and Mahindra.

The Swaraj Division of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is a part of USD 15.9 billion of Mahindra group. Swaraj Brand is known for producing rugged, powerful and reliable tractors. Swaraj has 600 dealers in India and today it is Rs. 3,000 Crore Company with 5,000 employees. Swaraj has 2 tractor plants in Mohali and Chapper Cheri. Swaraj is also exporting to various countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and USA.

Swaraj division won the prestigious Deming Prize Award, and Swaraj is second Tractor Company who has won this Award. Swaraj Group has achieved ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification and TS 16949 certification for Swaraj Automotives Ltd.

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