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All Preet tractors with price list in India


Preet Tractors models with Images

Preet Tractor Price List
Preet 9049 90HP 4WD Agricultural TractorPreet 9049 90HP 4WD Agricultural Tractor PricePreet  11,75,000/-  
Preet 7549 75HP 4WD Agricultural TractorPreet 7549 75HP 4WD Agricultural Tractor PricePreet 10,50,000 /-
Preet 955 55HP 2WD Agricultural TractorPreet 955 55HP 2WD Agricultural Tractor Price7,00,000 /-
Preet 6049 60HP 2WD Agricultural TractorPreet 6049 60HP 2WD Agricultural Tractor PricePreet 6049 60HP 2WD Agricultural Tractor PricePreet 7,75,000 /-
Preet 3549 Challenger 35HP 2WD Agricultural TractorPreet 3549 Challenger 35HP 2WD Agricultural Tractor Price5,25,000/-
Preet 955 55HP 4WD Agricultural TractorPreet 955 55HP 4WD Agricultural Tractor Price8,50,000 /-
Preet 4549 5HP 2WD Agricultural TractorPreet 4549 5HP 2WD Agricultural Tractor Price5,80,000 /-
Preet 6049 60HP 4WD Agricultural TractorPreet 6049 60HP 4WD Agricultural Tractor Price9,20,000 /-
Preet 7549 75HP 2WD Agricultural TractorPreet 7549 75HP 2WD Agricultural Tractor Price8,50,000 /-
Preet 6549 65HP 2WD Agricultural TractorPreet 6549 65HP 2WD Agricultural Tractor Price8,00,000 /-
Preet 6549 65HP 4WD Agricultural TractorPreet 6549 65HP 4WD Agricultural Tractor Price9,50,000 /-

 About Preet tractor Company

PREET India’s leading manufacturer of Combine Harvesters, Agriculture Tractors & Agricultural implements, started its journey way back in the year 1980. Initially the company was producing Straw Reapers, Threshers and other Agricultural Implements. Three years later Mr. Hari Singh (Managing Director) founded PREET Agro Industries. In 1986 with the help of his younger brother Mr. Gurcharan Singh (Director) they successfully made first Tractor Driven Combine Harvester. They continued their Research & Development work and they introduced PREET 987, The most admired & successful Self Propelled Combine Harvester of India that brought huge success to PREET.

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