Massey Ferguson tractor price list in India 2018.

Here I have shown the latest price list of all Massey Ferguson tractors of 2019.

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Massey Ferguson Tractors price

Massey Ferguson Tractor ModelsImagePrice in india 2018
Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Maha shakti Massey Ferguson 1035 DI MAHA SHAKTIRs. 5,38,739.
Massey Ferguson 1035 DI tractor Massey Ferguson 1035 DI tractor price specificationsRs. 5,24,387.
Massey Ferguson 1134 DI tractor Massey Ferguson 1134 DI  tractorRs. 4,95,114.
Massey Ferguson 1030 DI Mahashakti tractorMassey Ferguson 1030 DI Mahashakti tractor priceRs. 4,69,485.
Massey Ferguson 241 DI Planetary PlusMassey Ferguson 241 DI planetary plus price specificationsRs. 6,42,602.
Massey Ferguson 241 DI Maha shaktiMassey Ferguson 241 DI Maha Shakti price specificationsRs. 5,94,024/-
Massey Ferguson 241 DI Mahaan Massey Ferguson 241 DI Mahan price specificationsRs. 610,000.
Massey Ferguson 7250 DI tractor Massey Ferguson 7250 DI tractor price SpecificationsRs. 670,000
Massey Ferguson 245 DI tractor Massey Ferguson 245 DI tractor price specificationsRs. 650,000.
Massey Ferguson 1035 di SHAKTI Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Shakti price specificationsRs. 577,000.
Massey Ferguson 5245 DI 4wdMassey Ferguson 5245 DI 4WD tractor priceRs. 730,000
Massey Ferguson 5245 DI MahanMassey Ferguson 5245 DI Maha Mahan Tractor priceRs. 650,000
Massey Ferguson 5245 DI planetary plusMassey Ferguson 5245 DI PLANETARY PLUS priceRs. 730,000
Massey Ferguson TAFE 30 DI Orchard PlusMassey Ferguson TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus tractor price list Rs. 1,000,000.
Massey Ferguson 7250 DI Power Up tractorMassey ferguson 7250 DI power up tractor price Rs. 800,000.
Massey Ferguson 9000 Planetary Plus tractorMassey Ferguson 9000 Planetary Plus tractor price list in IndiaRs. 810,000.
Massey Ferguson 9500 tractor Massey Ferguson 9500 Tractor price list MF-9500Rs. 852,000.
Massey Ferguson 9500 Super Shuttle Series 4WDMassey Ferguson 9500 Super Shuttle Series 4WD priceRs. 860,000
  • Note:- The Prices for TRACTOR available in this Article are not the exact market price.To know the exact Price of this TRACTOR visit the nearest showroom in your city.

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